To get your return material authorization email and to continue to keep prices low for all customers read the following: While our no return on tuning products policy is unpopular for some, it solidifies our reputation for brand new tuning parts because you can be assured our parts have not been used or tampered with. 
A) No returns after 30 days period. We do not check the date you purchased the part when inquiring about a return- If the return is approved and the part is not here 30 days from purchase date no refund will be given.
B) Any returned parts must be in new condition and not used, never "test" installed etc. (don't waste your time and ours sending it back if used)
C) No returns tuning parts like jets, carburetors, electrical parts, needle jets, needles, carb rebuild kits or special order parts.
D) No refund of the original shipping fee.
E) Customer pays freight to return part.
F) If the items listed in step number 3 below are not in the envelope we will not refund.
G) Return may be subject to a 20% restocking fee.


The below example questions are being added because there are still some people who are confused by the above statements.

Question: What happens if I use a part and return it? We do not sell used parts so we cannot accept them and no refund will be made.

Question: My return was approved and I bought the part 3 months ago, will I get my money back? NO

Question: I did not send a copy of paperwork requested below with return will I get a refund? No, If we get parts in a package without the paperwork we won't know who to refund.

Email us for authorization to return or exchange. In the email subject line write a pertinent subject so the email doesn't go to SPAM. Please read step 2 before emailing us. We will reply with an email stating return approved. click here to email Us

WHAT TO INCLUDE WITH RETURN: With return include A) copy of your packing slip, B) our email stating "it is ok to return the parts", C) the parts. If packing slip and return approved email are not included the return will not be refunded. We need all this information to find the order and refund it.

Return to the following address with items listed below:
A) copy of the packing slip.
B) the parts.
C) our email stating it is ok to return the parts.

Jets R Us Inc.
P.O. Box 512
Marshfield, MO 65706-9998

Do not pack the parts in a standard letter envelope. The post office will most likely damage the package in the mail and/or the parts will fall out, no refund can be given then. Bubble wrap mailers or boxes work best.