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Rim Shield

Motion Pro Rim Shield 2 pieces (08-0546)

FCR Carb tool

  • Contains longer bits for reaching into recessed cavities to adjust Keihin FCR carburetors
  • Ideal for trail riders and garage mechanics alike
  • Includes 6mm hex for main jets, long-reach straight slot for pilot jets & a 3mm Allen for removing the float bowl
  • Cap compartment will hold a few spare main jets


Motion Pro Keihin FCR Carb Wrench Kit (SKU 08-0181)

Wrench for HEX jets 6mm

  • High-quality die-cast construction
  • Fits 6 mm hex jets
  • Fits Mikuni 4/042 hex main jets
  • Fits Keihin 99101-357 hex main jets
  • Cap compartment will hold a few spare main jets
  • Sold each


Motion Pro JET WRENCH HEX 6mm(SKU 08-0023)

jet holder

Jet Holder

  • Stores 20 main, 6 pilot jets (mikuni and keihin) and 3 jet needles.
  • Keihin PE, PJ, PWK, PWM jet needle and mikuni series 4, 5, and 6.
Jet Holder (002-405)

FCR T-20 torx key

  • High-quality construction
  • Sold each



Bondhus balldriver for M4 cap screw

  • Ball end for hard too reach screws
  • High-quality steel construction
  • Sold each



Driver for M4 cap screw

  • Short length for hard too reach screws
  • High-quality steel construction
  • Sold each


HEX KEY for M4 screws

K&L Carb Cleaner Wire Set 950-203
14 piece wire set with spiral knurling. Use for cleaning popular size jets and carb body holes/passages.

Vampliers VT-001 950-305

Motion pro 90 degree carb tool with bits

  • Precision made of aircraft grade aluminum & stainless steel
  • Designed for hard-to-reach areas and air/fuel mixture screws on multi-cylinder motorcycles
  • Gear driven 1/4 in. hex drive
  • Includes five 1/4 in. hex drive bits (all 1/2 in. long) - Straight-slot, Phillips, D-shaped air/fuel mixture screw bit, 6mm hex jet bit & 1/4 in.-hex-to-1/4 in.-drive bit
  • Can be used with any 1/4 in. or 6mm hex bits
  • Strongest tool of its type on the market
  • Max torque is 60 in. lbs.
  • 17.5 in. long
  • Replaceable drive gears
  • Limited 1-year warranty
Motion Pro Carb Tool 90 Degree (08-0229)

motion pro D shape bit
Motion Pro Bit "D" shaped for use with 08-0229 90 degree tool (SKU 08-0242)

motion pro 6mm hex bit
Motion Pro 6mm hex for use with 08-0229 90 degree tool (MP08-0243)

motion pro c08-181b long straight slot 1.5 inch
Motion Pro Long straight slot tip 1.5 inch long for use with 08-0229 90 degree tool (SKU C08-181B)

spark plug socket extension 5/8

Spark plug socket/extension 5/8" SWIVEL or FIXED

  • Thin wall design fits in tight spaces
  • Unique 2-step extension - Swivel or fixed
  • 3/8 in. drive swivel extension can be turned with a Phillips screwdriver, 3/8 in. ratchet or driver, or 14 mm wrench or socket
  • Spark plug socket can be turned with 3/8 in. driver, 19 mm wrench, or 19 mm socket
  • Spark plug socket can be used with a screwdriver to hold the front 19 mm hex axles on late-model 4-stroke motorcycles
  • Fits KTM 4-strokes, DR-Z400, CRF450R, YZ/WR400/426F, YZ250F, KLX300, DVX400 and many other motorcycles and ATVs with with 5/8 in. spark plugs
Motion Pro Spark plug socket/extension 5/8 inch ( MP08-0239)

3/8" Drive impact driver

Great for removing stubborn carb bowl screws. Heavy duty impact driver for general use. Comes with 4 bits, #2 and #3 phillips and 8mm and 10mm slotted bits and metal case.

3/8 inch Impact Driver (35-8884)

Automatic center punch

No hammer required. Use on both hard and soft metals.

Automatic Center Punch (35-0956)

Shop quality part manufactured by Snap-On tools America KOWA SEIKI CO.

Float level gauge

For measuring float level height between the float and the carburetor gasket surface. Adjustable to fit most carburetors. See how to use gauge FAQ.


Motion pro cable luber

Makes lubricating cables simple.



Carb synchronizer

Complet set comes with vacuum gauges, hoses, adapters, mounting plate and instructions.


Motion pro carb tuner

Motion Pro Sync Carburetor Tuner 08-0411 (SKU 950-402)
5mm Rigid Brass Hose Adapters 08-0013 (SKU 950-410)
6mm Rigid Brass Hose Adapters 08-0040 (SKU 950-409)
5mm Permanent Hose Adapters (each) 08-0216 (SKU 950-720)
6mm Permanent Hose Adapters (each) 08-0217 (SKU 950-721)
5mm Permanent Brass Adapters (each) 08-0218 (SKU 950-722)
6mm Permanent Brass Adapters (each) 08-0219 (SKU 950-723)

ADJUSTABLE OIL FILTER WRENCH 64–79mm. Removes spin-on type oil filters from 2-1/2” to 3-1/8”. Steel jaws grip oil filter without slipping. Works with any 3/8” ratchet drive.

This 92 page manual includes exploded parts views, parts listings and optional parts. Guides you through tuning and trouble shooting for the popular lines of Mikuni Carburetors. The definite reference for Mikuni Carburetors and a must for any do-it-yourself type.
Mikuni tuning manual 002-999

Makes bleeding your brakes a one-person job. The unique check valve allows brake fluid and air to escape while preventing air from re-entering the system. Instructions and hose included. Made in the U.S.A.
Brake bleeder motion pro 950-452