Yamaha Riva XC200

****If your jet does not measure like ours do not buy it because it will not work****

All jet sales are final.  
Our year, make model fitment guides can assist but are not 100% accurate due to numerous reasons. We have no control over jets once they leave us; some customers drill them out, test and tune etc.  See also additional things to check before ordering. If needing help send us a picture of the jets removed from the carb and also read identify that jet

Please take a moment right now to measure the jet prior to ordering.

*** If your jet does not measure like ours do not buy it because it will not work ****

Main Jet - *
Slow Jet - *
*Typical size only- verify jet size and compare dimensions to those listed before ordering. See Jet Finder for other jets available.

SLOW/PILOT JETS price each jet
Mikuni Pilot 32-xxx N224.103

THREAD PITCH = 4.0 x 0.7

GENUINE mikuni jets - price each*   OEM EQUIVALENT mikuni jets - price each
GENUINE Mikuni jet 10 $7.29
GENUINE Mikuni jet 12.5 $7.29
GENUINE Mikuni jet 15 $7.29
GENUINE Mikuni jet 17.5 $7.29
GENUINE Mikuni jet 20 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 20 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 22.5 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 22.5 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 25 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 25 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 27.5 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 27.5 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 30 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 30 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 32.5 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 32.5 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 35 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 35 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 37.5 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 37.5 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 40 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 40 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 42.5 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 42.5 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 45 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 45 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 47.5 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 47.5 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 50 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 50 $6.09
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 52.5 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 55 $7.29
OEM equivalent Mikuni jet 55 $6.09
GENUINE Mikuni jet 60 $7.29
GENUINE Mikuni jet 65 $7.29
GENUINE Mikuni jet 70 $7.29

MAIN JETS price each jet

carb bowl screws
CARB BOWL SCREW - Sold each, modify cart for desired quantity *
Stainless steel allen head screw for carb bowl.
Length dimension is the shaft length of the fastener not including the length of the head.
Example: M4 x 10 (10 mm shaft length)
Sold each carb bowl screw M4 x 10 (0.39") $1.49
Sold each carb bowl screw M4 x 12 (0.47") $1.55
Sold each carb bowl screw M4 x 14 (0.55") $1.59
Sold each carb bowl screw M5 x 16 (0.62") $1.61
Sold each carb bowl screw M5 x 20 (0.78") $1.63

Stainless washers.
These are not a precision part, they simply raise the needle.

Needle shim most Mikuni 2.7mm ID x 6.30mm OD 0125A2M2.7 JRU-8027A 10 pieces

Needle shim most Keihin 3.2mm ID x 7mm OD 0125A2M3.2 JRU-8032 10 pieces

Needle shim 3.7mm ID x 7.9mm OD 0125A2M3.7 JRU-8037B 10 pieces

HEX wrench for carb bowl screws
hex wrench
Metric hex wrench short arm for screws $0.87
Extra short arm ball end for tight fitting areas 19109

TORX wrench for carb bowl screws
Extra short arm for tight fitting areas TORX 19110- note our screws are hex, this item is placed here as some carbs use torx screws.