Kawasaki 1200 STX-R

If your jet does not measure like the pictured jet do not buy it. There are so many variables regarding the type of jet that could be in the carb. We have no control over jets once they leave us; some customers drill them out, test and tune etc. therefore all jet sales have to be final so customers do not get modified jets. Please measure the jet and if it does not match your jet read identify that jet or send us a picture of the jets (just the jet by itself). Let us know the year, make, model, brand of carb, or if it is chinese copy, if it had a jet kit installed. See also things to check before ordering.  
Main Jet - *
Slow Jet - *
*Typical size only- verify jet size and compare dimensions to those listed before ordering. See Jet Finder for other jets available.

SLOW/PILOT JETS price each jet  

MAIN JETS price each jet  
Keihin main 25-xxx N424-27

jet keihin n424-27

GENUINE keihin jets - price each   OEM EQUIVALENT keihin jets - price each
GENUINE Keihin jet size 150 $7.39
GENUINE Keihin jet size 155 $7.39
GENUINE Keihin jet size 160 $7.39
Keihin jet size 160 $3.29
GENUINE Keihin jet size 165 $7.39
Keihin jet size 165 $3.29
GENUINE Keihin jet size 170 $7.39
Keihin jet size 170 $3.29
GENUINE Keihin jet size 175 $7.39
Keihin jet size 175 $3.29
GENUINE Keihin jet size 180 $7.39
Keihin jet size 180 $3.29
GENUINE Keihin jet size 185 $7.39
Keihin jet size 185 $3.29
GENUINE Keihin jet size 190 $7.39
Keihin jet size 190 $3.29
GENUINE Keihin jet size 195 $7.39
Keihin jet size 195 $3.29
GENUINE Keihin jet size 200 $7.39
Keihin jet size 200 $3.29
GENUINE Keihin jet size 205 $7.39
Keihin jet size 205 $3.29
GENUINE Keihin jet size 210 $7.39
Keihin jet size 210 $3.29
Keihin jet size 215 $3.29
GENUINE Keihin jet size 220 $7.39

carb bowl screws
CARB BOWL SCREW - Sold each, modify cart for desired quantity
Stainless steel allen head screw for carb bowl.
Length dimension is the shaft length of the fastener not including the length of the head.
Example: M4 x 10 (10 mm shaft length)
Sold each carb bowl screw M4 x 10 (0.39") $1.49
Sold each carb bowl screw M4 x 12 (0.47") $1.55
Sold each carb bowl screw M4 x 14 (0.55") $1.59
Sold each carb bowl screw M5 x 16 (0.62") $1.61
Sold each carb bowl screw M5 x 20 (0.78") $1.63
HEX wrench for carb bowl screws
hex wrench
Metric hex wrench short arm for screws $0.87
Extra short arm ball end for tight fitting areas 19109

TORX wrench for carb bowl screws
Extra short arm for tight fitting areas TORX 19110- note our screws are hex, this item is placed here as some carbs use torx screws.