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This article is about fake jets. Most people have heard about the fake carbs, now there are companies making fake jets that look like genuine jets. The price of genuine jets continues to climb and this creates a high profit margin for fake jets.

Here and there we get contacted about places selling GENUINE jets at low prices. Customer feedback has shown those places sold fake jets as genuine.

Most places do not specialize in carb jets, they buy in bulk from whoever is cheapest. Shops innocently buy 'fake genuine jets' then sell them as genuine jets. No harm is normally intended, they just don't understand the difference. There is no such thing as cheap GENUINE jets. The old saying is true- if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

How to identify fake jets: 1) The easiest way is the low price, if the price is low they are fake.

Seller says they are genuine jets how do i know if they are genuine or not? : The second easy way to identify fake jets is lack of proper identification stamping on them. Genuine MIKUNI jets will normally (*but not always) have a stamping on them which is a "square within a square":

Genuine KEIHIN jets will normally (*but not always) have a "K star" stamping:

**We say "normally" because some of the jets do not have the stamping, but are still Genuine**. On our website we only use the word genuine if the jet was manufactured by Mikuni or Keihin.

I found cheap jets that have the genuine markings, so those are genuine jets correct? : The manufacturers of the fakes will make them with the genuine markings. The countries making the fake jets do not have laws against this. Most people won't know they bought fakes until they start getting odd jetting results. Unfortunately the manufacturer of the fakes is making all the profit.

Most companies are not going to address this issue of fake jets because they are ignorant of the problem to begin with. Most places are not trying to swindle you, they just don'e know any better.

At Jets r us we sell both GENUINE jets and theJets r us oem equivalent jet.

**Note there are varieties of GENUINE jets that do NOT have the genuine identification markings on them. This is no cause for alarm it is the way the jet manufacturer chose to machine those particular jets.**

If wanting to learn more about our Genuine vs OEM equivalent jets go to this link genuine vs oem.