OOPS I DIDN'T READ- we don't want anyone to end up on this page. PLEASE measure your jets before ordering and make certain your jet dimensions are the same as our jet dimensions. If they are different they will not work.

Most of our customers are very smart and know to measure before ordering jets. We are committed to preventing our customers from getting used and drilled out jets. We work very hard to ensure you get BRAND NEW never used jets. If you have been the victim of used drilled out jets you will understand the frustration. This also means some customers get upset when they cannot return used jets. Take a minute and measure. Some 0.01% of our customers think they are special and want to return jets that are drilled out, used or otherwise modified. We list all over the website to measure before ordering-unfortunately there will always be special ones who refuse to measure first. Below are responses we get while we try to protect everyone.