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If you are not qualified or cannot safely perform these tasks take your engine to a qualified service technician. We do not take returns or exchanges on jets and jetting components due to people drilling them out, testing and tuning etc.  We have this policy in place to protect all our customers from people who modify or damage the jets and then return them.  This insures we sell only the best brand new jets, see things to check before ordering. Confirm jet dimensions before ordering.

Where to start
There are a few basic reasons to rebuild a carb, some people do it for the wrong reasons. If the engine is not running well some people assume the carb needs a full rebuild, but that is not always required. There are 3 typical situations, 1) the engine sat over the winter and was not used 2) the bike sat for a year or two and was not used, it is not ridden much 3) the bike sat for years and was not used.

1) If the motor was not used over the winter and this is done for years. Most likely the jets have gotten coated with compounds used in the fuel. Replace the jets, carb bowl gaskets and the replace the carb bowl phillips screws with our stainless socket screws.

2) The engine sat for a long time, more than a year between use. The bike is not often used. This situation is going to be similar to above. Same repairs needed as above, in addition the float needle valve and or seat has probably corroded. Fuel may be running out of carb when it sits. Repair as in 1) above and in addition replace float needle valve and seat if possible. Note that not all seats can be repaired.

3) If the bike sat for years and has not been used its a project. Drain all fuel from system, inspect fuel tank for corrosion and be sure to clean it extremely well before using it. Slow jets can become clogged from the smallest of particles. All of the items listed in 1 and 2 above will need to be replaced. It may be worthwhile to buy a full repair kit.

If after repairing the carb there are issues with fuel running out of carb, it is related to the float needle valve, seat and the float. The float may have been knocked out of adjustment. Will need to use a float level gauge to get the float back to correct height. Here is link to float adjustment gauge and we have a FAQ on Floats how to change and adjust.

Sometimes people forget to tighten the gaskets that attach to the carb. That causes backfiring and engine running oddly when letting off throttle, inability to get engine to idle properly.

If the bike was not running when purchased assume nothing. Bike may not even have original carbs even if it looks to be all factory equipped. Be sure to compare our photos to the part in the bike prior to purchase, if the parts look different they probably wont work.

Some carbs have mid body and jet block gaskets that need replaced. There are not cross references to these parts because they can vary from year to year. Some of these gaskets are considered not repairable, but we provide the gaskets if you want to attempt the repair. The factory does not recommend repair at this point and wants you to buy a new carb. Most people can get the carb back to perfect running condition. Here is a link to these gaskets.

SOLVENTS: With regard to what solvents to use repairing carbs, i like simple green. Do not use carburetor cleaner as it disolves rubber and gasket materials. Not all carb gaskets are available so improper solvents can ruin a carb.

Carb repair parts: We sell genuine and aftermarket. Our genuine parts are normally listed with the word "genuine". If you find a genuine part being sold cheap- most likely it is not genuine. China is making replacement parts and selling them as genuine.

Replacing the carb: If the carb cannot be repaired we sell some carbs here. If we don't have a carb we will refer you to places that sell GENUINE carbs, just email us and we will refer you to companies that carry genuine carbs. The main problem with chinese clone carbs is that they look really good, but may not be able to get replacement jets to tune them. Some chinese carbs will use the factory jets, but most of them dont. We mostly sell genuine carbs but we have a few aftermarket in sizes that are not supported in the usa. We are up front about which carbs we sell that are NOT genuine. Be aware that many places do not even know if they are getting genuine carbs or not- due to ignorance they are selling clone carbs and they are not even aware of it. Fake carb and jet sales are profitable and that is why there are problems. We can refer to companies that sell genuine carbs if need be. Again, if something is priced to good to be true, it probably is a fake.


Mikuni tuning manual 002-999
This 92 page manual includes exploded parts views, parts listings and optional parts. Guides you through tuning and trouble shooting for the popular lines of Mikuni Carburetors. The definite reference for Mikuni Carburetors and a must for any do-it-yourself type.