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There are so many variables regarding the type of jet that coulb be in the carb, if you need help identifying it let us know the orifice size number, the year, make, model, brand of carb, chinese copy, and if it had a jet kit installed. Please send a picture of the jet (removed from the carburetor, do not send pictures of the carb). See also things to check before ordering.

You sent the wrong jets Each person must measure the jet dimensions we list and compare them to the jet in their carb, also read the number printed on the jet in your carb before ordering new jets. We have no control over what happens to parts once they leave us; some customers drill jets out, test and tune etc. therefore all jet sales have to be final. This policy insures that Jetsrus customers get brand new jets. We ask that you measure to prevent incorrect purchases so we don't have dialogue like this oops I didn't read. Sometimes we make the mistake and pack the wrong jet. If we do that we will exchange the jets.

Can you help me identify my jet? Measure the dimensions and read the number printed on the jet in your carb before ordering new jets. While the no return policy may seem harsh it helps us protect you from getting jets that have been tampered with. If dimensions you measured don't match the jet, do not purchase it, because it will NOT WORK. Please read our identify an unknown jet and the FAQs and if you need help identifying a jet send a picture of the jet (not the carb) year, make, model, carb brand, if it has an aftermarket carb and if it has a jet kit installed.

email We dont want anyone to get the wrong jet (jetting sales are final no return or exchange) if you did not measure and confirm the jet you need, do it now before ordering, or read how to dentify the jet.

Rude customers that think they should be able to return used or drilled out jets end up on the oops i did not measure before ordering.